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Supporting HR and line leaders in talent management from strategy to execution.

Business & HR Strategy

Integrated planning that aligns business strategy and workforce capabilities to drive business outcomes.

  • HR/Business Strategy Alignment
  • Human Capital Blueprinting
  • Human Capital Planning
  • HR Strategy Analysis and Validation
  • HR Strategy Development
  • Executive Briefings

Strategic Workforce Planning

Analyze and forecast the talent organizations need to achieve their strategic and business objectives.

  • Environmental Scanning
  • Workforce Segmentation
  • Talent Supply & Demand Analysis
  • Total Cost of Workforce Analysis
  • Risk Identification & Gap Analysis
  • Gap-Closing Talent Action Plans
  • Executive Briefings

Competency Development

Systematic analysis of the behaviors, knowledge and personal attributes required for organizational success.

  • Strategy & Competency Mapping
  • Competency Model Project Planning
  • Competency Data Collection & Analysis
  • Competency Model Development
  • Competency Model Validation
  • Competency-based Talent Management
  • Executive Briefings

Talent Assessment

Identify and validate the right people for the
right roles at the right cost to achieve position
and organizational performance excellence.

  • Pivotal or Mission Critical Role Assessments
  • Competency-based Selection Assessments
  • Performance, Strengths, & Logic Assessments
  • Online Behavioral Interview Assessments
  • 360 / Multi-rater Assessments
  • HIPO Assessments
  • Executive Briefings

Organizational Performance

Address talent gaps to improve performance, build capabilities, and create a high performing workforce.

  • Organizational Capabilities Analysis
  • Engagement & Retention Risk Analysis
  • Succession Planning & Management
  • Talent Reviews
  • HR Team Transformation
  • Executive Briefings

Workshops and Training

We bring real-world experience into the classroom, offering tools and how-to info you can apply immediately.

One-Day Workshops

HR & Business Strategy Integration Fundamentals of Workforce Planning
Fundamentals of Competency Modeling

Two-Day Masterclass Training

Strategic Workforce Planning & Delivery Competency Development & Management Integrated Strategic Talent Management

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  • Global 1000
  • Fortune 500
  • Mid-Cap
  • Emerging Growth
  • Government
  • Non-Profit
Speaking & Events
Private Event: CEO of Tomorrow
Jeddah, KSA / May 1 – 3
21st Century Talent Management for CEOs

Leoron Professional Development Institute
Jeddah, KSA / May 7 – 11
Certified Human Resources Manager Course

Jeddah HR Plug-in Event
Jeddah, KSA / May 9
Keynote Speaker

Private Event: Executive Leadership Retreat
Jeddah, KSA / May 14 – 16
Advanced Leadership Workshop

Private Event: Engagement and Culture
London, UK / June 5 - 7
Organizational Health Offsite

TMA Workforce Analytics Conference
Boston, MA / Jun 11 – 13
Conference Chair & TM Keynote

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